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Crocodile Farmer, Evangelist, Pastor

We greet you in the wonderful Name of Jesus,
Rooies Strauss is a pastor on the Kruiskyk television channel, a crocodile farmer in the Northern Cape, and an evangelist for the LORD Jesus Christ.
An Afrikaans chap who can “Kinda” help himself in English.


School Of Fire

Do you have a passion and a calling for God's work? Would you like to study for a pastor, missionary, councillor or evangelist?
School of fire is the place for you.
Course is offered in Afrikaans.

Repentance is a discovery of the evil of sin, a mourning that we have committed it, a resolution to forsake it. It is, in fact, a change of mind of a very deep and practical character, which makes the man love what once he hated, and hate what once he loved.
-Charles Spurgeon



We broadcast on Kruiskyk to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, find us at 

Rooies Vertel Stories
Thursday  20:30
Repeats Monday 09:30 

Sunday 18:30
Repeats Tuesday 07:30

The Miracle Place
Saturday 14:30
Repeats Wednesday 23:30

Restourasie Stasie
Saturday 15:00
Repeats Wednesday 00:00


Souls for Jesus is for independent communities and ministries who want covering.
To join SMS the word
and your email address
To 082 789 9550 



At School of Fire you can receive training in all aspects of filming, from TV to Movies.



Learn the in's and out's of hair and make up at YAFAH salon. 



Interested in Fashion and Designing? You can get all the experience you'd need at Havilah 


Every 1st Sunday of the month you can come attend a service, with Rooies Strauss ministering and visit our Crocodile Farm,



Come take a tour through our Crocodile farm, we have tour guides to take you through and teach you a bit about these reptilians. 



We also have a big family of donkeys, caring for them works as great therapy. Come join us here at our Donkey Garden.

For more info about our crocodile farm check out the link below


Christian Front

Christian front is not a political party, however we evangelize politicians, drug dealers and mafia bosses,thieves and criminals, we will work to change SA for the better.
We are looking for coordinators and operators through SA, if you want to help make a change contact us.

Number - 079 257 4760


Gutter to Gospel

Gutter to Gospel is a project in which we take in the homeless and abandoned, and turn them into preachers and evangelists for the Lord.


MR Dealer

Mr Dealer is a project where we evangelize drug dealers and turn them to God, we believe in curing the problem, not the symptoms.


BCI – Black Crocodile Intelligence, these are the people we send to arrest and evangelize drug dealers, Mafia bosses, Crime rings etc.
But we don't just stop at that, check out all our services in the link below.

Boet & Wrangler

Boet and Wrangler are always up to something. Come laugh and have a good time with us, laughing with us our at us.

If you want us to minister at your church, evangelize in your city, our help fight a drug problem, or just want to donate and help missionaries and evangelists, contact us.
Call Rooies Strauss on 0827899550 or make a donation directly into
our bank account.
Souls For Jesus
Standard Bank
Acc : 205 916 597
Branch Code : 05070447
After any payments, please sms your name, phone number and amount paid. Thank you.

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