Rooies Strauss is the visionary head of Souls for Jesus, Spear International and School of Fire ministries. Rooies travels all over the world spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the darkest of places.

Rooies was in a special unit called Koevoet. Koevoet was a guerrilla warfare unit for the police of South Africa. Rooies then met Stella (His wife for the past 29 years) and got married and there first child, a son, was born.

When his son was two weeks old he got drunk and started seeing images of people portraying him, Rooies, as a war hero. He started looking for his pistol to kill his wife, his son and himself.

To make a long story short - God saved his soul that night and a few months after he started studying to become a pastor. Today he is already in ministry for more than 25 years.

Rooies wants to reach the unreached and go where the church doesn't want to travel too. Rooies reaches out to drug dealers, prostitutes, the homeless and where God sends him.

Go and buy a 'koffer' and go to the darkest places on earth and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ - Rynhardt Bonnke

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